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NT SCAN and Double Marker Test

27th Dec 2019, Thursday

Last scan of the year, last scan of the trimester. NT scan and double marker are very important test. This help in identifying possible abnormalities in baby, mostly chromosomal pairing defects.

My pregnancy was smooth till now. We were expecting and hoping things to be fine. We were excited to see the baby again. Aww..moment.

My husband was in hurry as he had to leave for office, and our appointment was in afternoon. We went to the scan room after some formalities. I lied on the bed and scan begun. My munchkin was not in the right position. She was hiding her face. Turning back upwards and cuddling within. After waiting for few minutes, she turned, showed her tiny hands. She then jumped a little or may be just moved the tiny legs to turn. we could spot her nose then. I really felt like talking and touching the baby. Kissing her infinitely and loving her. But doctor was not getting the right position of baby for NT scan, even after 20 mins. Doc asked me to take a walk while she attended other patients. I came out, walked  slow and fast. Sat down several times and got up, hoping baby will move and come to correct position as required.

After around half an hour, we were called again. This time it seemed baby had slept or was relaxing. She refused to move. Doc shook my tummy with scan machine in hand, so that baby feels the vibration and moves a bit. After several attempts she moved a little and probably she was sucking her fingers. Doc somehow managed to take the readings.

We asked if everything was fine. She confirmed.

Next was double marker, a blood test. This test needs NT scan reports to be evaluated. I always need lots of courage to get that needle inside my veins. While the blood sample is taken, I need my husband around so that I can grab his hand as tight as possible.  Once the test was done we were told that reports will take 4-5 days time to come.

We had a new year trip planned. I wanted to meet my Obstetrician before leaving on trip, for any suggestions or precautions to be taken.


❗NT scan is Nuchal Translucency scan
❗For NT scan back of baby’s neck needs

to be seen
❗it’s done in 1st Trimester
❗Done to identify possibilities of chromosomal abnormalities
❗It doesn’t confirm anything. The test just predicts possibilities
❗For better accuracy up to 80-90% it’s done along with a blood test
❗Double marker is blood test for two markers 1. Beta HCG and 2. PAAP A
❗High level of beta HCG means high risk of Down Syndrome (chromosomal abnormality)
❗Low level of PAAP or plasma protein also indicate risk of down Syndrome to baby.
P.s. Do follow and read my next post on positive Risk of down Syndrome and tests to be done.