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The Scan reports and Doctor Visit

29th December 2018, Saturday

Today is the last the day of the year I can visit the doctor . Tomorrow, its going to be sunday and the next day we are planning for a very short trip to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a couple.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to see the doctor and get a consent to travel by car for around a 100kms. Our travel bookings were done. Money was non-refundable and even I badly wanted to have this New Year Trip with Just 2 of us. At the same time, I didnt want my fulfill my fantasies at the cost of my baby’s well being. I kept checking my mails since morning, to see if I got the reports. Towards the afternoon I called up the Hospital to check for reports, but got no update. I again called around 5PM and reports had arrived, but yet not in my email inbox. So I requested them to send immediately. It took several follow ups to get the reports emailed to me.  Everything looked within range and normal except for just one marker in the report. I asked the hospital staff to show my reports to my Obstetrician and update me with the feedback.

I get a call around 7PM that doctor wants to meet me. Its better if I can see on Monday.

As per my plans,  Monday wasnt a possibility. We had to leave early morning and doctor’s OPD starts noon onwards. I asked to get connected to doctor over a call.

Doctor: Things are OK but, I want to meet you and discuss

Me: Is everything normal?

Doctor: I cant tell you over the call. Visit on Monday.

Me: I am planning to travel Monday. Can I come Tuesday or its urgent.

Doctor: No worries. Meet me on Tuesday.

I called my husband immediately after this. I wanted to see the doctor today. Even he got worried as to why doctor wants to meet.  I checked with him if can meet me at the Hospital by 8PM, which was difficult for him, but 7.45PM was the last appointment slot for the day. (15 mins grace ). We decided that I will go and wait for our turn in case there is any waiting and he will try to make it as soon as possible.

I went and was waiting until 8.15, next was my turn, but he hadnt come yet. I had to go inside the consultation room alone. As I entered the room, I get a call from Husband. ‘I am at the parking, coming in 2 mins” he informed. Doc asked if someone is coming she can wait for a minute.


Everything was normal. Except one marker for Down’s Syndrome. Trisomy 21. As per my age group the risk marker is at 1:760 but my reports got it as 1:470. Although it was mentioned by the diagnostic center as low risk, doctor wanted to give us the clear picture and explain what does that mean. It meant baby might be at the risk of down’s syndrome at the ratio of 1:470 case. Its a genetic problem which cannot be cured. There were certain tests after which we can be more sure of the risk factor. There are 3-4 different methods to be more sure about the risk, but none is 100% result provider, except for one test. That one test puts the baby’s life at risk as there were chances miscarriage. It is an invasive test. We were recommended a fetal medicine specialist.

At the end doctor said, there’s nothing to worry, there are very less chances of the disorder. We can travel safely and consult Fetal medicine doctor next week. Its just that she wanted us to be clear of the options we had.

Huh!! A confusing visit. I was sure I want to give birth to the baby. These are just risk factors. I had already fallen in love with the LIFE INSIDE ME.