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Baby Kicks- in the Tummy

While we lovely ladies develop a new human inside us, there are lot of changes that happen in our body and the baby’s anatomy. These changes bring in lots of discomfort for us. We face all of those to grow a  healthy baby, whom we cant even see (except for the days of Ultrasound scan. We dont know whats going on there inside actually. Some of us do not even feel much difference in the first trimester. But then second trimester comes with surprises for the First time mommies.

Around 18-22 weeks we start noticing some flutters, some poking, some bubbles in lower abdomen. And then, suddenly we realize its neither gas or any any stomach disorder. Its the human inside us who is learning to do different things.

I dont remember the exact day when I first noticed my baby kick. Its my first pregnancy and I had no idea whether the feeling in tummy is due to the food or the baby. Sometimes, in the 19th week I thought these must be baby movements, but then again I thought , that might be gas bubbles. Its just my mind which is saying its baby movements, coz i have been reading on internet that we start feeling movements by 18th week.

At my 21st week I had doctor visit. Then the gynaec asked me whether, I have started feeling movements. To that I responded “probably no”. “you should start feeling in next few weeks. Observe those” The doc said.

Next day morning I felt something in my stomach. I told my husband that I could feel baby move. To that he laughed off and said its all in your mind, because yesterday doc said baby must be moving. After sometime baby moved again and I asked him to feel it. But my naughty baby didnt respond. This continued till almost a week. Baby wouldnt respond whenever his/her Dad would be around to feel. Then once I recorded a video of my tummy and sent him the movements, for him to believe and enjoy.

Since then, baby movements are increasing and getting harder. I could really feel hard sometimes. My lil one gets very active at night (not sure if its same with everyone). Sometimes its really difficult to sleep. He/She has started waking me up at midnight with kicks. Although with all the difficulties, everytime my baby move, I smile from within.

This is the next most amazing feeling. I feel connected with my baby and now I have started talking more to my baby.

Nowadays, what I feel is baby responds quite a lot to his Dads voice. He/She would definitely make some movement when her dad is talking.

As I go through this journey of pregnancy, my love for baby is growing with each day. Each day makes me realize, the behind the special bond of a mother and child. Now I understand my mother much better, I am understanding why a mom can go out of the way to do anything for her child.

Love and Salute to all the Moms and Parents ❤

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AnteNatal Classes (Yoga vs Physiotherapy)

During my last visit to Doctor, that’s around when I was 20 weeks pregnant, she suggested me to start with Antenatal Classes. We didnt have much idea about. Many of us wouldnt know about it in First Pregnancy. So, I started doing some research about it to gather more information.

Before that, what do we mean by Antenatal Classes?

The word ‘antenatal’ means ‘before birth’ relating to pregnancy mostly. If we break the word into ante and natal. Ante means- before or in front of . Natal means relating to birth( nay be a time or place as well). So antenatal care is complete care required during pregnancy period. Antenatal is also know as Prenatal.

Antenatal classes basically prepares the couple/ or just the mother for the journey of pregnancy. It focuses on labour and birth. There are classes to prepare mind and body of the mother to prepare her for the labour and to ensure smooth journey of birthing. Then there are some couple workshops which prepare the couple to take care of the baby pre and post birth. Workshops  guided towards nutrition both post and pre-birth, lactation classes, workshops for imparting spirituality in the unborn baby are also there. To be parents can choose from the workshops as per their convenience.

I decided to go for classes which would prepare me for labour and birthing. This is most important for a smoother pregnancy. I had 3 options with me :

  1. Get entire prenatal consultation at the Hospital where I was seeing my Gynaecologist
  2. Just Physiotherapy classes somewhere outside
  3. Yoga classes.

The Hospital consultation  included many things- Dietitian/ Nutritionist consultation, physiotherapy consultation(just consultation), lactation sessions, Lamaze classes in last month (breathing exercises),  managing baby affairs etc. It also included post natal classes, like consultation on pregnancy weight loss,lactation etc. I found this option to be bit costly and not of primary requirement for me. I wanted some exercises or yoga to prepare me for delivery.

I started exploring Physiotherapy classes and Yoga classes for Moms-to-be. Unfortunately, I couldnt find any group classes. Yes that was unfortunate, because I mostly stay indoors since the time I am pregnant and classes would be a nice way to meet new people and exchange vibes.

After much inquiry,  I cut down on one Physiotherapy and one yoga centre. Both were one-on-one sessions. Before choosing one of these, I decided to opt for 1 day trial class for both.

My physiotherapy class was done at the centre. There I met a Doctor graduated in Physiotherapy. She assessed my entire file to understand if there are any complications in pregnancy, and whether and what kind of exercises would be safe and useful for me. There was nothing much to assess with my pregnancy. I found the assessment session to be a waste of money. I realised the session was mostly for a Yes or no to go ahead with Physio. The exercises in the trial class were though good. Simple ones for 1st class.

Then was the turn to try out yoga. Infact after my physio session, I had decided to go ahead with Yoga, before the try out session of yoga. Yoga session was at home, as per my time and convenience. My instructor was a post graduate and diploma holder in Yoga, power yoga and naturotherapy and 5yrs experienced. We started with some discussion on benefits and safety of Yoga. We did some prayers, then breathing exercises and then warm-up, and some asanas.

Yoga was definitely the choice I had to make. What I felt is,

Physio trains the body, but yoga is for entire mind, body and soul. I believe, regular practice of Yoga would also help in calming the mind of the baby.


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Visit to Fetal Medicine Doctor

5th Jan 2019 (Saturday)

Finally, on this day, we decided to visit to fetal medicine doctor for consultation. Both of us were actually not very clear about what fetal doctor would do. I was of the Opinion that the doctor would perform a better NT scan, because at our last NT scan the radiologist had difficulty in getting right position of the baby. My husband thought that Trisomy 21 (down’s syndrome) if detected at early stage can be cured. I knew it was a chromosomal disorder and cannot be cured, but I was hoping that in this NT scan result will be negative for Trisomy 21. Moreover the major reason to visit was that it was our gynaec’s recommendation and we cant visit her again without seeing Fetal doc.

With all doubts we reached the specialized clinic and submitted our file. After waiting for about half an hour we met the doctor. Doctor explained us all about the syndrome- how does it happen, what is the probability, what is NT scan and what is double marker.

The chances of baby having the disorder was 0.2% which is as good as nil. The double marker tests give no confirmation of disorder. We could do further tests if we wanted to confirm. He gave us following options:

1: Do nothing about it

2: Opt for a genetic sonogram. This can be done along with anomaly scan, but this is again a 93% accurate marker.

3: Opt for an invasive test. This test inserts a needle in the fetus to get the DNA of baby. This is 100% accurate marker but this had risk of abortion. Moreover its an expensive test

4: Go for NIPT. In this blood sample of mother is taken. This is safe to do but again not a 100% one. Its 99.2% accurate, and is super expensive.

Doctor left the decision on us. My husband got a clarity about the disorder. We got to know, this cannot be cured. I knew I want the baby. For me there was no point in going for any test, giving birth to the baby and hoping for the healthiest child was the only option. I couldnt control my emotions while returning back and saying all this to my husband. I didnt want to go for any other tests. He calmed me down and said even he doesnt want, as there is no point in getting tests done. Moreover the risk was mere 0.2% which is almost nil.

We decided we will visit the gynaec and say, we decided to do nothing about the double marker test and believe ALL IS WELL. 🙂


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Past Happenings in 2nd Trimester

Its been a long time since I posted anything. I really regret that. I have been bit busy with my brother’s marriage, and settling and relaxing after that.

Dont Worry!. I am gonna cover it all in this and the upcoming posts.

A lot has happened in Last 2 months: My visit to the doctor, travelling via flight ,Anomaly scan, brother’s marriage, me dancing while in pregnancy and some sleep deprived nights. I am sure you can imagine how much I have to cover up. Most important of all the topics is feeling the first kick and movement of Baby.

Now, I have decided to take out time and post daily to cover each event and my experiences.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Its different everytime and for everyone. So everyone should enjoy and cherish their experiences.

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The New Year Bash 2019

My first vacation in pregnancy. (A late post. This was in draft since a long time)

We had booked a 5-star resort for the New year eve. Our package included all meals and a gala dinner at the New Year Eve.

I was all excited for all this. Moreover, it was our leisure trip, though a very short one, but after a very long time. Almost a year. We had been on a couple of other vacations during the year, but none was just for leisure. The best part of this year was that, there were just two of us. (yes, sometimes I do like to spend a lot of time with my other half). The added plus to this was that there wouldnt be any unwanted crowd. We selected a family resort, and the party was only for the in-house guests. So, No huligan crowd, no eve teasing, not too much of drinks and drunken people.

(yet to update )