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28th Week Doppler Scan

My last scan was in early February. That was the last time I saw my baby on screen. Since last 2 months, I was eagerly waiting for the next scan day to come. I so much wanted to see whats going on within. What the baby is actually doing when I am so much happening in the tummy- kicks, turns, shocks, hardening on one side , one part of tummy swelling, something constantly knocking my belly, so so much. All this was really exciting as well as troubling sometimes.

16th April 2019, I booked an appointment for Doppler Scan (as recommended by my doctor ) and a subsequent consultation from treating obstetrician. I went to the Hospital and couldnt wait to complete the formalities. I asked the nurse to take me inside the sonography room, and that my husband will complete the documentation. I was in a Hurry to see the baby (also it was office time, husband was getting late too).

The scan started and Radiologist showed me something round and oval shape. I was wondering what is it, then the Doc said its the Head. Then in another image, she showed me Stomach (another round thing), then the heart. Then from some angle we got to see hands and later legs. After a minute doctor showed something and said this is the face and here is nose.  I felt why everything is so zoomed in. So I said Radiologist, “Can’t I see my full baby in single image.”. To which she replied negative. 😦

She said “now the baby is too big to be seen in a single image” Then I got to know that my baby was over 1 kg now.  Grown more than 3 times since I last saw. Her/His current size of just the head would the size of baby in February. .

Still,  I could see nose at least and shut eyelids. Nose looked like baby’s dad’s nose.

I was happy, that everything was normal- Water in the womb, baby’s growth, heartbeat and everything else.

Doctor Consultation 

Last time I visited, doctor was concerned about my fast growing weight and increased blood sugar levels. First trimester, I didnt gain any weight, rather I lost a kg. While in the second trimester I had already gained 9kgs by 21st week.

This time my weight was same (actually a few hundred grams lesser than last time), thanks to yoga and walk which I started plus a diet control. Blood Sugar levels had also dropped, but it wasnt upto doctor’s satisfaction. She wanted before breakfast reading to be below 90, mine was 95, post lunch reading to be below 120, mine was 104.

Still I was suggested to strictly follow a healthy and diabetic diet, so that my blood sugar levels are below 90. So I had to stopp eating mangoes now, which are a favorite in the summer season, but cravings becomes secondary when it comes to health and primarily when the is a Life growing inside.

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My Pregnancy Yoga.

I started practicing yoga when I was around five and half months pregnant. I saw some videos online regarding what Yogasana and Yog Pranayaamas are safe in Pregnancy. I started with some pranayam which I felt were really safe. Then I also hired a Yoga instructor.

Here is how we start :

(Disclaimer: This is completely based on what I am practicing, I am not a professional instructor or doctor, just a pregnant mother. These are my experiences only)

First we started with prayers.

Sit on yoga mat in Sukhasana or Padmasana. Keep back straight and chin parallel to the ground. Close eyes and take deep breath. Then we start with three Omkar Chants. Take a deep breath and say Om. There will be a longer sound of Ooooo and shorter duration of mmmm. This is repeated 3 times. (I think we can chant this as many times as comfortable. 5 , 7 or 11). Then we say Gayatri Mantra, and 2 other shanti mantras. These mantras and Omkar chant are believed to have positive vibrations.

Then we did some pranayams and then exercises to loosen up the joints and all parts of the body.

This was followed by certain Yogasana or Yoga poses. My instructor has recommended me to practice Butterfly pose and Cat pose Daily.