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Gestational Diabetes and how to control it

All my test reports were mostly good throughout until I had my next set of blood tests at 25 weeks. I had CBC (complete blood count )test and GTT (Glucose tolerance test)

Tests were done taking blood sample and urine sample, but there is a process for GTT test. Note: Some doctors write GCT (Glucose challenge test). There is a slight difference in process of taking the test but purpose is more or less similar.

GTT process:  Doctor will prescribe a glucose powder which has to be consumed first thing in the morning. You need to dissolve the glucose powder in certain amount of water (For me it was 75gm of powder in 300ml water) and the drink it empty stomach. We are not supposed to move around or do much physical activity till blood sample is taken. I had give blood sample in 2 hours. So, I consumed glucose water and slept back again for 2 hours.

I was surprised to see my blood sugar level. It was too high.

I had iron deficiency as well. Low haemoglobin.

Even doctor was disappointed, as until now everything was going well, my weight, blood count wbc rbc haemoglobin etc. Sudddenly everything was disturbed. I was losing weight in 1st trimester (I didnt vomit in 1st trimester) and suddenly gained 8 kgs in a span of less than 2 months. I gained 1 kg per week on average.

Actually, I got tensed as I was losing weight and everyone around was telling me that I am not consuming enough food. Even I thought gaining weight would be better. So, I started eating everything which I used to avoid- Potatoes( Aloo ki sabzi, aloo toast etc,) Puris (fried indian bread), lots of sweets (my favs were rasagulla, rasmalai), bananas and everything that would help me gain weight.

I was strictly advised to control weight and follow diabetic diet. I was given 1 week’s deadline by doctor to bring my sugar level back to normal ; else I had to see a endocrinologist and start medication.

FYI normal sugar levels for pregnancy is below 90 at fasting and below 120 postprandial. (as my advised by my doctor)

I was quite worried yet determined to not take additional medicines and visit any other specialist doctor. I strongly believed that I can bring my blood sugar level back to normal.

Did I get success in it and what did I do is in the next post. !!

Take away pointers 

  • Its OK to lose weight in 1st Trimester
  • Dont listen to everyone around.
  • Stick to eating healthy. It helps mom and well as proper growth of Baby.
  • It is very common to have gestational diabetes.
  • If you have family history of Diabetics then you are more likely to get gestational diabetes.
  • Most important * having diabetes can have effects on baby also.
  • Keep check on your weight.
  • Dont gain too much. Till end of third trimester you must gain 10-12 kgs.
  • if possible monitor blood sugar from 2nd trimester onwards at home.
  • Dont miss iron calcium tablets.


Hope this helps





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