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The First Time Grandpa

In hindi we say “asal se jyada sood pyaara hota hai” . Means “interest is more precious that principal”. All parents in the world are most excited to be grandparents, and grandparents are the ones who pampers a child the most. Anything own child does is a sin, but if the grandchild does then its a bliss.

So, I hope you can imagine, being Grandpa for first time can be how big for a very emotional and caring Dad.

As I mentioned in one of my earliest posts The Curiousity , I got to know about my pregnancy on 29th October 2018. The next thing in my mind was, I need to tell this to people in style, not just normal. To make it big for them, for me and for baby .

2018, end of October and start of November was full of celebrations. I announced Daddy to be  and Dada to be , now was the turn for Nana to be.

I talk to my mom almost everyday, and I am someone who is bad at hiding own secrets. As per my plan, I had to keep this big secret with me for 10 days, without telling my mom. I decided to plan a surprise for Dad’s upcoming birthday on 8th November.

I got a Coffee Mug with “Nana to be” printed on it and made a peel-off-to-reveal card for his birthday. Got it wrapped and sent through Bluedart courier service. I sent it to my brother’s office address and strictly told him – that ‘package has to be opened by DAD only on his birthday and you must record a video’.

No one had any idea about the fact. I kept on talking to my mom. kept telling her about my dietary changes, that I started eating more frequently, stopped eating outside food, having coconut water daily. She was surprised but was happy about me getting towards a healthier lifestyle. She had no clue about the reason. She must also be thinking, that if there is some other reason, I would obviously tell her first, but I planned differently.

Dad got the gift of 8th November midnight around 12.30AM. First he took out the card, which read

“Happy Birthday

Yesterday was diwali

today you turned 64

we have got a surpise to make it much more”

IMG_20181031_130454__01.jpgInside the card, I hid whatever was written, with making tape. He had to peel off to read.

It read

No more just papa papa

no more just pola pola

be prepared for rona dhona 

and to hear nana nana!!

IMG_20181031_131347__01.jpgIt was a big shocker for everyone. A true surprise and a memorable birthday gift for Dad!

(Card is not a neat one. It was made in please ignore the look n finish also spelling. Content was important)


My poetry would tell about me ;)

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