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Moms are Beautiful and Babies are cute

Today, while I was scrolling down my phone gallery, I came across this picture clicked a couple of weeks ago. Just a random candid click by my husband📷. That day, I was doing my daily chores and came in between to play with my baby for few minutes, and husband clicked at the right moment.
I wouldnt have posted this picture if it wasnt with my lil one. I was all messy, tired, sweaty. Still I am in love with the pic.
With this pic i realise all moms are so beautiful.👸and all babies are cute👶
No doubt all babies are cute. All moms would agree to this, but may not be all girls and ladies. I quote an incident here which made me realise this. once while playing with a baby guest at our home I said to mom “ye itna cute nahi h na( this babyvis not that cute)?” To that my mom scolded and said -Never ever say like this. All babies are cute . whats the difference.(bacche sare pyare hote h, unme kya bhed bhao). This just hit my heart.💔Babies are the purest soul. Yes she said this because she is a mom. Now I very well know this because now I am a mom.
For the moms I realise, There can be 🌷fat mom, 🌷sexy mom, 🌷fit mom, 🌷mom with stretch marks, 🌷mom with wrinkles, mom with dark circles 🌷🌷etc etc, but, all Moms are beautiful.👸 We decided to bring a new life to this world. We knew it wont be easy. We are ready for sacrifices, do whatever it takes to raise our baby in best possible way, to make a good human. Only a beautiful lady can do all this. Moreover, just imagine who does tthe pure soul (baby) love the most. The MOM👩‍👦. Moms are most attractive for babies.
Hold your baby and look yourself in mirror and Say this to yourself #AmBeautifulMom

Cheers!! To all the mommies including our mommies as well.🥂