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Epidural for Painless Delivery (Normal delivery birth experience )

(Continued From Normal Delivery Birth Experience- Actual Labor Pain)

The labor pain started getting worse. Around 10 AM it was totally unbearable for me. I had my mum on side of bed and husband on other side. I asked both of them to stay, though as per hospital rules only one member was allowed. Some doctor came to check and I wasnt dilated much. Only 2cm.

My abdomen and legs were paining badly. Mom and husband were helping me by massaging my legs. Every time the contraction was over, I would say to myself, now I will be strong, I will bear it. But nothing worked. I lost track of time.

After sometime my Obstetrician, Dr Shefali, came and checked, I was 3cm dilated by then. She spoke to me and asked “How is the pain?” To which I replied “too bad, unbearable.” Then she asked me to rate the intensity of pain on a scale of 10. “7-8″ or even more.” I said.

Dr. Shefali” Really, you are just 30% and you are saying 8!!!”

Me”Yes. Its paining too much.”

Doctor went outside and instructed to prepare for epidural. (so epidural is process of injecting on the spinal cord. It is given to relieve from the labor pain. Basically for painless normal delivery. }There are certain side effects of epidural, but obviously at that point of time, I was ready to do anything to get baby out of my uterus safely and without this pain. I was feeling I would faint.

I was prepared for epidural. Dr. in anesthesia gives the dose. A doctor came in with few nurses (both male and female.) Doctor was male, and I got bit uncomfortable with males entering the room. I was not dressed properly and just covered with a robe. Then I could do nothing about it, I was in so much pain that I couldnt object. So, I accepted the fact that I am helpless and this is doctor’s job, they are not here to stare at my body. They look at several such patients in a day. So a male or female doc hardly matters.

My husband and mum were asked to leave the room and door was shut. I was completely in hands of strangers. Now they could do anything with me.

I was asked to sit up, and hold myself tight in a particular position. Head down, no hand movement, not even a slightest movement was allowed. I felt that to be quite impractical being in labour pain. I mean, I was in so much of pain and I wanted to wriggle and they expect not to move at all. I tired my best, probabyly even they tried their best and tried to inject. Unfortunately after 2-3 attempts, the correct point was not found. Then two male nurses, held me tightly. One was holding my hands and front and another held my neck and back tightly. After 2nd attempt I felt something flowing inside my body. Doctor asked”Do you Feel Some liquid passing through”.

“Yes, but only on the right side” I replied wondering if this would reduce pain only on the right side. Doc said it was fine. Then they attached something to my back and asked me to lie down. I think they put something to inject further doses as and when required. Finally after spending quite a long time with me, door was opened they went out and I was asked to lie down.

I was hoping some effect. I called the nurse and said I couldnt feel anything. They said it will take sometime. After a while I could feel some numbness only on the right side. The labour pain was still bad and getting worse. Probably the epidural didnt work for me. I was crying loud and shouting. The entire floor could hear my roar but I didnt care. I was the one feeling the pain. I felt like would faint. My husband and my mum kept me alive.



My poetry would tell about me ;)

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