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Epidural for Painless Delivery (Normal delivery birth experience )

(Continued From Normal Delivery Birth Experience- Actual Labor Pain)

The labor pain started getting worse. Around 10 AM it was totally unbearable for me. I had my mum on side of bed and husband on other side. I asked both of them to stay, though as per hospital rules only one member was allowed. Some doctor came to check and I wasnt dilated much. Only 2cm.

My abdomen and legs were paining badly. Mom and husband were helping me by massaging my legs. Every time the contraction was over, I would say to myself, now I will be strong, I will bear it. But nothing worked. I lost track of time.

After sometime my Obstetrician, Dr Shefali, came and checked, I was 3cm dilated by then. She spoke to me and asked “How is the pain?” To which I replied “too bad, unbearable.” Then she asked me to rate the intensity of pain on a scale of 10. “7-8″ or even more.” I said.

Dr. Shefali” Really, you are just 30% and you are saying 8!!!”

Me”Yes. Its paining too much.”

Doctor went outside and instructed to prepare for epidural. (so epidural is process of injecting on the spinal cord. It is given to relieve from the labor pain. Basically for painless normal delivery. }There are certain side effects of epidural, but obviously at that point of time, I was ready to do anything to get baby out of my uterus safely and without this pain. I was feeling I would faint.

I was prepared for epidural. Dr. in anesthesia gives the dose. A doctor came in with few nurses (both male and female.) Doctor was male, and I got bit uncomfortable with males entering the room. I was not dressed properly and just covered with a robe. Then I could do nothing about it, I was in so much pain that I couldnt object. So, I accepted the fact that I am helpless and this is doctor’s job, they are not here to stare at my body. They look at several such patients in a day. So a male or female doc hardly matters.

My husband and mum were asked to leave the room and door was shut. I was completely in hands of strangers. Now they could do anything with me.

I was asked to sit up, and hold myself tight in a particular position. Head down, no hand movement, not even a slightest movement was allowed. I felt that to be quite impractical being in labour pain. I mean, I was in so much of pain and I wanted to wriggle and they expect not to move at all. I tired my best, probabyly even they tried their best and tried to inject. Unfortunately after 2-3 attempts, the correct point was not found. Then two male nurses, held me tightly. One was holding my hands and front and another held my neck and back tightly. After 2nd attempt I felt something flowing inside my body. Doctor asked”Do you Feel Some liquid passing through”.

“Yes, but only on the right side” I replied wondering if this would reduce pain only on the right side. Doc said it was fine. Then they attached something to my back and asked me to lie down. I think they put something to inject further doses as and when required. Finally after spending quite a long time with me, door was opened they went out and I was asked to lie down.

I was hoping some effect. I called the nurse and said I couldnt feel anything. They said it will take sometime. After a while I could feel some numbness only on the right side. The labour pain was still bad and getting worse. Probably the epidural didnt work for me. I was crying loud and shouting. The entire floor could hear my roar but I didnt care. I was the one feeling the pain. I felt like would faint. My husband and my mum kept me alive.


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Normal Delivery Birth Experience- Actual Labor Pain

{ Continued from Normal Delivery Birth Experience Part 1}

I started feeling some pain in abdomen, naturally. While my husband was there, I was constantly complaining about-  the pain, uncomfortable clothing which was open from back; pain in palm due to needle prick etc. Then my mom took him home for dinner  and he got a break from those nag. It was my sister-in law’s (bhabhi)  time to be with me. I was talking to her constantly about random things. We were enjoying and I wasn’t even complaining. (May be because two ladies were too engrossed in chit-chatting or; possibly because we complain only to those whom we are the closest). Mom and my husband came back after an hour. I think it was around 11.30 pm. Others wished me and left for home.

Around 12 midnight a junior doctor came to insert the cervical gel for labour induction.  I thought it would pain and asked the same to the doctor.  She negated and inserted something with the nozzle attached to the gel tube, gave instruction to the nurse and asked to monitor me and left. I felt nothing much. Only some liquidish feeling inside. Then my gynaec / obstetrician arrived and said to repeat the dose at 6.30am if required.

Only one person could stay with me in delivery room (LDR). My hospital room was also booked. My husband and mom decided to take turns among them- so, one person sleeps in the hospital room and other one to stay with me, on a chair kept in LDR.

I couldnt sleep well entire night. Firstly, cause of clothing, secondly cause of the drip going on, thirdly due to the beeping sound made by the machine attached to my abdomen, fourthly out of anxiety. AS soon as I would try to turn to sleep on side, the machine would start beeping loudly. Nurse had told, loud beep means , it’s an alert. I didn’t know the difference between alert beep and normal beep, so I kept calling nurse- coz no risk to be taken with the baby. Also I had to call nurse few times to remove the device connected to me as wanted to pee. I was given dose of enema as well, to clear my bowel, but I couldnt poop. Somehow, the night passed and it was 6.30 in the morning.

Another dose to induce labor was given. I already started having some discomfort .Around 7am, I asked if I can get all the attachments removed and if I could walk. Fortunately, I was allowed. I started walking to bear the growing pain. I realised, the actual labour pain had started. It was coming every 10minutes. The pain  kept on increasing and the intervals kept on decreasing. That time I was there with my sis in law. Morning my husband and mum had left to freshen up. By 8am my husband arrived at the hospital to be with me.

I was no more allowed to walk. As doctor said monitoring was necessary. I was asked to lie straight on the bed. Catheter was connected so that I don’t have to get up and go to the restroom. I started feeling like a puppet of doctors. Have to follow what they say.

I was totally packed with all the instruments or monitoring machines etc. Not permitted to move much. I was in too much pain. I wanted to move, turn, wriggle to soothe myself.

I was feeling too hungry, but for some reason I was not allowed to eat food. I called for coconut water, instead got lime juice after a long wait. The pain was getting worse. !!


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Normal Delivery Birth Experience- 1st time in Hospital

3rd July I was having slight pain in stomach, discomfort sort of. My blood sugar levels were also high and 6th July was my due date. My Gynaec suggested to get admitted in hospital on 4th evening. She adviced not to delay the delivery, high blood sugar may affect the baby. After an internal check up, she said my body was ready for delivery and further labour pain can be induced so that I deliver the next day.

Induced labor is simply an external induction of labor pain if it doesnt happen naturally on time. A gel is inserted through the opening to dilate the cervix and get pains. The pains are like completely natural and delivery also happens normally once the pain starts. Usually 2-3 dose of gel is required which are given at certain hours of interval (as per my experience), one dose at a time. 

So, I discussed with my husband what to do. Most importantly to check if it was possible for him to be there when I get admitted to Labor room. [I was staying at my Mom’s place since I was 35 weeks preg. My husband was in another city, had a business trip planned for 4-6th July.] There was lots of confusion around how important it was for me to get admitted the next day. whether we could wait for 2 more days. After of discussions among us, family members and others, finally he decided to postpone his work plans and take this as priority. He decided to come to Bangalore from Mumbai and then meet the doctor, take a decision and then plan ahead. He reached 4th July evening around 6.30PM.

4th July was a restless day for me. Excited to see my husband after long! highly restless and excited to meet my baby and become a Mommy! worried about the pains! my first time delivery and have heard labor pains are extreme. ! First time in hospital! Praying for everything to be fine! baby to be born safe and Healthy!. Plus some pains ! huh! too much going on. 

So my husband came at 6.30 PM. I was supposed to be admitted by 8.00 PM. I prepared my hospital bag. Had my dinner quickly. Others opted to have dinner after getting me admitted. My brother came early from office. TO accompany us to the hospital. So we all , my mom, dad, bro, hubby and ofcourse I, left home at around 8. The hospital was nearby. Took us 15-20 mins to reach. Completed all the hospital formalities and I was assigned a delivery room. There was another lady also getting admitted for labor induction and delivery in the next room.

The room was quite big. I was asked to remove “all” my clothes and change into a operation gown, made of non woven cloth. It was designed like a bathrobe. So I wore it with opening in front, but then nurse told me that opening was supposed to go at the back. Oops! My bad.

I laid down on the Hospital bed. Two nurses came, one was holding my hand and about to prick me and another was doing something in my abdomen area. To the abs the connected a device to monitor labor pains or something and fetal heartbeat. On my hand she was trying to prick and needle and set up saline for me to get lot of energy. I asked nurse “sister what are doing with my hand. Are you going prick me and insert something. Will it pain”. She was ridiculed. She said “havent you seen something like this, havent you got this done earlier” as if it was obvious. I said no, why would I.

The device was set and saline drip was set. My family members were coming turn by turn. Going home in sets for dinner. My husband and Mom were to stay back overnight with me

I was waiting for induction gel to be inserted.