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Breaking the News to Family

So, yesterday when we got to know about us being pregnant we visited to see a gynecologist and obstetricianĀ  to confirm and consult.

First she congratulated us and then wrote a blood test for BetaHCG and another TSH test for Thyroid. We took the test in Afternoon. I was damn scared for the blood test. I have some phobia with those needles. The idea of getting pricked knowingly scares the shit out of me. My husband was there to support me throughout. After lots of encouragement from him I gathered courage and gave blood samples. After the test we went to our respective offices.

That day after 5PM, I couldnt work again. Was waiting for the results eagerly and imagining family’s reactions. I was worried of having thyroid as I am bit overweight.

8PM I got reports in my email after follow ups at the diagnostic centre. All normal it seemed. TSH was lil high than the reference range mentioned. but Yeah! existence of a life inside me was confirmed.šŸ¤—šŸ˜Š


Now time to break the news next day. Daddy had decided not the celebrate his birthday this year as my mother in law passed away few months agošŸ˜¢. So we thought to present him the gift in the morning itself. We wrapped the gift and put a card on top of it. My Hubby was very skeptical if Daddy would read the card or not, and if he reads will he decode the message.

the Card read: “Happy Birthday Dear Dadaji. See you in nine months”.

31st Oct 2018. Wednesday

Daddy usually doesnt read cards. We presented the gift to Daddy. I was doing my regular puja (prayers) and waiting for reaction at the same time. Daddy just flipped the card and went ahead to open the gift. Then, my partner prompted him to read the card.

When he read completely he had a silent yet a smile worth million dollars. We asked, did you get it. “He said yes.” Then Bhaiya and Bhabhi (brother in Law and sister in law) also read it.

I started getting all the pampering and mostly instructions of what not to do. No washing clothes, not bending, not heavy weight lifting (not even light), and many more. I was blushing all the time and couldnt take all the attention.


Now the big task for me was to hide it from my mom and dad till we give them the surprise on my DAD’s birthday 8th November.

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Announcing to the DADDY

29th Oct, Monday

I got the positive result on pregnancy test strip. But this was an afternoon test. I wanted to be double sure before announcing to Daddy. I had the intuition. its THE NEWS this time. I prepared a small note and kept one strip and note in a box. I will give this in the morning when the test result is positive again.

The night was too long. I woke up at 4AM.

30th OCt 2018, Tuesday.

I cant sleep. Probably its the eagerness to do the test. Oh No, its just 4AM . I should sleep some more, else my day will be ruined- no energy, sleeping entire day. Nah! I cant sleep. Every 10 mins I am looking at the time. Hubby also wakes up by my constant changing of sides. Suddenly its 5AM. It’s enough now. My urine would be concentrated. I cant control. I took the strip from the cupboard and went to the washroom. Yes! the strip is pink. but light pink. Now what does that mean? My I pregnant or not. I was confused yet confident. I came out. He thought my periods must have started and I was looking for napkins. He asked me and went to the loo without an answer. Meanwhile, I was preparing his gift box for the announcement. Then Suddenly I notice the strip showed dark pink lines. YAY!!

I decided to sleep again and give the box when he wakes up properly. We were trying to sleep again but couldnt. Around 6.30 PM

Me: When will you start work out?

Him: yea soon (says casually)

Me: Please. I have a gift for you, that might motivate you to work out.

Him: What did you get. Earphones, Fitness watch.

Me: Keep guessing. You will see and know.

So you want it now or later.

Him: What is it give me. Anyways we aint sleeping.

I hand over the box to him. He was very casual. Obviously he didnt expect it to be so big.

He read the top note: “Only one of us should have pot belly, so start working out.”

He: What does that me. So you start. Even you have some tummy showing .

Me: look Inside.

He: what is it? speaker, earphone,

He opens

What!!! Really

We hugged and I started crying out of happiness.

We decided to see a doctor and confirm clinically and then announce the to be Grandpa on his birthday!!


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The Curiosity!

29th Oct 2018, Monday

I wasnt feeling quite normalĀ  since last Sunday. My periods were due for 25th October. Hmm, PMS started already- mood swings, uneasiness, nausea, abdominal pain. I was sure, in next 2-3 days the monthly monster is about to meet me. I was waiting, checking every hour since last sunday. Now, it was 25th October, nothing happened yet. Another 3 days and no sign. Nausea feeling continued. Sunday, 28th October, I decided enough of waiting and checking and regular intervals. I need to stop in now.

“Dear Monthly monster, If you dont see me by tomorrow, I will go ahead for the test. ” I decided on Sunday to take a test by tomorrow.

This was the time I started getting an intuitive feeling. There’s some news awaiting for everyone.

Today, 29th Oct, I went to office, with regular ab pain, sick feeling, with curiosity. While heading to office in Vashi, I decided to stop at nearby medical and get the Pregnancy test Strips. The store had “I-can” brand. I took two and went to office. After lots of google research i figured out process of test. Every post said its better to test in Morning. Gosh! I cant wait till that time. I went to the washroom around afternoon and decided to take a test. But I failed in figuring it out. I called up my friend to know the process and then tried again after an hour. Yes!! I saw two pink lines. dark enough. First I couldnt believe, and then wanted to announce to the would be PAPA, NANA NANI and everyone. But then I calmed myself down. “You should take another test. Morning test are more accurate. Lets go with that.”

It was a difficult day for me. Butterflies in my stomach. I couldnt do any work at office. Just wanted the day to get over soon and morning to arrive. !