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Office Office (After Long)

4th Jan 2019. Friday

Its around 1:20 PM and I am feeling fresh and more energetic. Since last 2 months this time I would be preparing my lunch eating and then take a post lunch nap. But today its different. I was in office before 11.30 AM. I logged in to emails. Checked, read and deleted few. Replied to and wrote some fresh emails. Replied to pending messages on Linkedin and accepted more than 10 new invites. Now its time for my lunch. After that I am planning to start with pending assignments. I will be back in the evening and update the post again with how was my rest of the day. Till now loving today ❤

Its 7.30PM, and I am back with more from today.

While I went to wash my hands before lunch, returning back from washroom I saw a coworker from distance so I pretended to be busy and overlook him. I didnt want to meet many people today. But I couldnt avoid myself from his eyesight. He came to my desk, we went to common area and then  chatted for almost an hour. Mostly regarding business growth, payroll strategies, hiring trends, colleges,etc.

It was almost 3 when I came back to my seat. My lunch time was over. Luckily, I had salad before getting up for lunch. So I wasnt that hungry. I immediately opened my lunch box and finished my small meal. Then fruits after half an hour. Around 4.15 PM, I thought of walking down and having fresh coconut water or lassi. Again, as I was waiting for the lift to reach my floor and get into it, I saw another coworker coming from the same lift. Another half an hour gone. (sigh). Then finally I went to have coconut water, but nothing fresh was available. I returned with a packet of biscuit to support in emergency.

The coworker meeting was not over. While entering the office again I met a coworker cum client. I cant avoid this one. I certainly wanted to interact with him and get updates on projects. Suddenly I realized it was 5.30 PM . I had decided, I would leave early today and reach home by 6PM maximum. So I rushed to desk, shut my laptop and came back.

Some small things happened in between. My husband called me to check if everything was fine with me, as it was 1st day of my office. I was really mesmerized and happy because normally he was too busy at work cant make out time to call.

Spoke to mom about silly things, baby’s age in womb, her activities inside, my feelings. Talking about the baby itself makes me feel like in another world :* ❤

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Office Office (Prior Mood)

4th January 2019, Friday.

1st Day of my office.

No, its now a new office, neither that I changed my job. I am resuming to office exactly after 2 months break. Its also the first day at office in this new year 2019. I have my own startup, so I had given myself the Maternity break. Being on this leave was not so easy for me. I am so much used to leaving home in the morning (rather afternoon) and returning back in the evening. The routine was so set. Things were peacefully organised and properly set in my mind and minds of everyone in the family as well.

Suddenly this break, just because I had some spotting and everyone, including me, wanted to be more careful about the baby in womb. It had changed everything. Initial few days at home were good. I got enough sleep, not much of daily chores to do. But slowly I started feeling something was wrong. I was just eating monitoring the house-help we had hired for pregnancy, the eat sleep, talk to mom or some friends on phone again eat, watch some telly series etc. I couldnt even gather the energy and mood to start my work from home. I was going into loss. Suddenly losing all my clients and work and on the verge of getting back to ZERO.

Since last three weeks, I was deciding almost everyday that, today I am going to go to office and resume my work, but it didnt happen for some or the other reason: be it family, be it husband being reluctant in dropping me to office or worries about my diet or my low energy level. My decision everyday to start work from home at least also didnt happen. I always thought of taking a nap first or call someone for a chat or watch some series for a while.

Today, finally I decided. I would leave everything behind and care about my babies- The one in womb and the one which is startup. The baby in womb also needs to meet other people, feel happier as the MOM feels better, feel different emotions and much more.